Bordeaux FENS-IBRO Training Center
2013 European Synapse Summer School
September 9 - 27, 2013
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  The school combines lectures and discussions by highly reknown scientists, with methodological training and possibilities to perform real experiments, within the frame of short practical projects performed on the workstations of the Bordeaux Neuroscience Institute.

Location /Federation Bordeaux Neuroscience , France/

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  Scientific Organizer / Christophe Mulle
Contact / Antonella Caminiti /
  Application start: March 13th / Deadline: May 31st
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  Theme of the School
"Synases and neural circuits"
  The course is intended for mid-term PhD students and young postdocs. A total of 20- 24 students will be accepted. The programme will cover lectures and discussions with renowned scientists as well as methodological training, organized as short practical projects. For each of these mini-projects, a team of 2 students will work under the direction of the local faculty. Each week will be ‘themed’ to focus on one particular technique as follows:
1) Molecular and cellular biology, morphology
2) Electrophysiology and live imaging
3) Integrated and behavioural approaches
  The N€uromed consortium offers fellowships to PhD students and Post-doc from Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey to attend the European Synapse Summer School that will take place between the 4th to 23d September 2011 in Bordeaux, France. If you are interested in applying, please note you first need to submit your application on ...

TRAINING GRANT to attend the European Synapse Summer School / Neuromed /

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The course will cover the following aspects
Morphological and ultrastructural analysis
Structure/function studies of synaptic proteins and receptors
Mechanisms of neurotransmitter release
Analysis of synaptic function
Assembly and trafficking of synaptic components
Functional mechanisms of short and long-term synaptic plasticity
Morphological basis of synaptic plasticity
Molecular determinants of synaptic plasticity
Imaging synaptic plasticity
Plasticity of synaptic networks
Synaptic plasticity in learning and memory
Pathological forms of synaptic plasticity: the example of addiction mechanisms
  Please submit your application electronically via the FENS-IBRO Website
  Coordinator /Christophe Mulle /
  Contact / Antonella Caminiti /
  The School is a FENS-IBRO training center. The school is supported by The Bordeaux Neuroscience Institute, a network of European Neuroscience Institute (EU Coordination Action #019063) and by the ITN-Marie Curie Symbad program, from the European Commission.